Shows written and conceived by Herb Newsome


Conceived by Herb Newsome

One of the most recognizable tragedies in Shakeaspeare’s theatrical cannon has been transplanted from Denmark to the gritty streets of New York, in this hip hop musical.  The story follows Hammond L. King, an aspiring hip hop artist, as he deals with overcoming his father’s mysterious death while simultaneously learning to accept his mother’s untimely marriage. Confusion, doubt and thoughts of retribution take over as new elements unfold leading him down a path of self destruction. Using the four elements of Hip Hop, DJing, Breakdancing, Graffiti Art and MCing, the story holds updates the classic and give its A modern feel. The show has been performed in 9 cities across the country and internationally at the National Arts Festival is Grahmnstown South Africa.


Written and Performed by Herb Newsome

A multimedia show that tells the story of the early days of Hip Hop through a live performance of the four elements: DJing, MCing B-Boying and Graffiti Art. Explore the history behing the music set in the Bronx, NY, during a time where urban decay and gang culture inspired a people to create their own form of expression. Playing 10 characters using music, dance, video, graffiti and rhyming, the audience will be taken on a journey to the past to discover how each of the elements came into existence.


Written an Performed by Herb Newsome

A one man show that tells the story of a group of black jazz musicians and their search for freedom in an America which had denied it for so long. The question being asked is "What ever happened to Cater Freeman?". Through testimonials, from those who knew him, and vivid flashbacks, we are transplanted back to the bebop era of jazz where the music was vibrant and the country was gearing up for a major change. 

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